Status Updates! 16 December – Extended cancellation and re-schedule policies to assist travelers.

We will keep this website constantly updated to keep you up to date

Let’s work together and reschedule to save tourism
As you may already do, we would thoroughly appreciate your efforts with clients to reschedule trips which may not be executed at the current date due to the pandemic to a later time, within the same destination. This will allow many of us, and our small family owned partners, to retain their income, support families and save the tourism industry in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Your Happy Trails! Asia confident, that together we can make this happen and would like to thank you for your great collaboration!

Special policies for Cancellations during the COVID 19 Pandemic:

Below you may find our extended cancellation policies in these matters, as a partner offering maximum flexibility, whilst working closely with our extensive supply chain throughout the region.

Please click here to open our pre-covid cancellation policy.
*=Period may be reviewed on a monthly basis depending on developments.

What does the ‘residual trip value’ mean in case of cancellation?
We wish we would be able to offer a deposit for the whole value of the booked trip. However, unfortunately in reality, certain services/suppliers have shown not to be flexible/refundable, even in these special cases. This especially pertains to: Flights, Trains, Busses, Ferry’s etc.
In case of cancellation, these services, if not refundable, or partially refundable will be deducted from the original trip value, and excluded from the deposit. Furthermore, some suppliers might offer service specific deposits, if so, we will pass these on as well.
Our team will negotiate with our suppliers and do everything possible to keep these costs as low as possible.
How does it work if the booking has not been paid yet?
If a cancelled booking has not been paid yet, we will credit you the residual trip value, and settle any unavoidable costs with your deposit value if any, or invoice them accordingly.

For all bookings with arrival after 31st March which have already been cancelled prior the newest adjustment the policy at the time of cancellation is applicable.

Feel free to contact either Laura (laura@happytrailsasia.com) or Koen (koen@happytrailsasia.com) if you may have any questions. We are always happy to discuss and seek mutually beneficial solutions as partners.

Thank for your patience and support. Together as partners we will pull through these challenging times.


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